Custom software and database development for small- and medium-sized businesses

About Bonaventure Software

Bonaventure Software was founded in January 2012, shortly after two Wisconsinites, one cat, and six finches trekked halfway across a continent to set up housekeeping in Grande-Digue, New Brunswick. The company's name was inspired the many friends & family who used the term “adventure” when wishing us luck with the big move. Later, I looked up “Bonaventure,” & learned that it actually means “good fortune,” not “good adventure.” (Oops.) But then I realised that it applied just as well ~ if not more so. (And a company was born.)

Communication matters. I wrote my first line of code at the age of twelve, but communication skills are the bedrock of my software career. In the last fifteen years, that career has included stints as Software Developer, Technical Writer, I/T Manager, & Project Lead. Yet, to me, those different roles are just facets of the same job ~ namely, bridging the gap between computers and the real problems they solve for real people in the real world. (Oh, and preferably on-schedule and on-budget, too.)

If software can help your business trim waste or generate more revenue, and you can't buy it off the shelf, let's talk. Here's what I can guarantee you:

  • ☞ Plain-English explanations of technical jargon ~ not “alphabet soup”
  • ☞ Features tied to specific business goals ~ not technology for its own sake
  • ☞ Clear, detailed cost & schedule estimates up front ~ no surprises
  • ☞ Regularly scheduled status reports & meetings ~ no “black box” process